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South Korea lies on the southern tip of the Korean peninsula.  It is surrounded to the west by the Yellow sea, to the south by the East China Sea, and to the East by the Sea of Japan.  

One thing you will notice is that Korea is covered by mountains.  There are a lot of them.  There is rarely a city that is not right next to a mountain and a mountain that is not right next to a city.  These mountains are usually populated by many visitors hiking up and down them on most weekends and holidays with the occasional hiker during the weekdays.

There are also various rivers and streams that flow through the many cities of the country. 

There are also a few well known beaches throughout the country that are well utilized during the summer months but can also be impressive during the other seasons as well.

South Korea also has many small islands within its border but the one island that stands out the most is Jeju island.  This is a very popular tourist place, almost like the Hawaiian equivalent of Koreas island resort.  This is also popular for many newlyweds to visit for their honeymoons.

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