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Seoul (Korean 서울) is has been the capital of all of Korea since 1934 and has continued to be the capital of South Korea since the division. 


 It is around six-hundred-five square miles and has a population in the city proper of ten million inhabitants which expands to almost twenty-five when you consider all metropolitan areas as well.  This all adds up to being the largest and most populated city in Korea.  

 Seoul is in many ways a very international city.  You will find that most areas are easily accessed through its many forms of transportation from its extensive subway and bus systems to the reasonably priced taxi services.

 Being a city with such a rich history, it is dotted with many historical sites as well as many modern locations of interest as well.  Many of these also include locations for shopping for souvenirs as well as locating some hard to get western products that may not be so easily found in the southern parts of the country.

 Seoul also boasts two amusement parks; Lotte World and Everland.  These are popular locations for having fun on those long weekends.

 Another location of interest is the demilitarized zone located a few miles north of Seoul. 

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