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Busan is the second largest city in Korea. It is a coastal city and is home to the most famous beach in Korea. Busan is home to several thousand foreigners and there is no shortage of entertainment options if residing there. Convenient transportation by subway and bus puts the entire city at your fingertips. In addition High Speed Service to Seoul exists through the KTX service. Busan is also considered the fashion capital of Korea and several fashion events take place every year in town. Busan is also home to an annual film festival which draws huge crowds to the beach where the event is located.

The costs of living in Busan are higher compared to other areas of the country, but not as high as Seoul. Be sure to check out the fresh fish market while there. It is an experience in itself. Shopping is everywhere in Busan including several large outdoor markets.

Foreign bars and restaurants are concentrated in the beach area but others can be found. These bars are often advertised in local papers and online.

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