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Cost of Living

The cost of living in Korea is relatively cheap compared to other developed nations. Electrical goods can be more expensive in Korea, which is ironic as it is one of the world's largest exporters of them.

Food, travelling, and accommodations are often much cheaper then their western counterparts however. You can find motel accommodations in Seoul for about 40,000 won per night, which is strikingly cheap given that a hotel in a similar city outside of Korea would cost hundreds of dollars.

The cost of living will depend on your individual lifestyles of course. You will find that eating out in western restaurants every evening will quickly deplete your income, whereas dining on local fare will work in your favor. The first few months tend to be more expensive then the later ones as you go out more often as we suggest you do, in order to network and make new friends.

One thing. Be careful when inviting out your Korean coworkers. It is Korean culture that you pay when you are hosting Korean guests. Dutch pay is not a concept easily understood by Koreans. On the other hand to offer to pay when a Korean invites you out can be considered offensive, especially if the Korean is older then you.

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