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Venting for Teachers in Japan

ESL teachers will be confronted with situations in which there is no easy solution. This will raise the stress levels of the teacher and accordingly the class they are instructing. It is important to know some of the methods and ways that stress can be minimized and your job as a teacher can be conducted with a greater sense of calm and ease. 


When working with children in a foreign country you will be faced with challenges that exceed the normal teaching routine found in the home country. You will be teaching across a language barrier in addition to maintaining control and cohesion in the classroom. You will find that your breaks between class  sessions can be your best friend. They give you a moment to unwind before the next class. Make sure to get out of the classroom if possible as it will be more effective.


 You should take care to get enough exercise while overseas as this is often the first habit people drop or break when they go abroad. A healthy life can be great for the mind and for the classroom. Make sure to take advantage of the clubs for foreigners that exist in most of the Asian countries. Every teacher will handle stress differently, and we suggest a balance of several approaches to find which works best for you.

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