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Typical Teaching Day in Japan

Typical days in Japan for ESL teachers follow basically the same schedule as in the other countries in Asia. You will either teach at a public school or a private institute. This basically means you will follow one of two schedules. You will either teach during the morning and early afternoon for a public school or from the late afternoon into the evening in the case of a private institute.


Prep time will vary largely on what kind of school you will teach at as well. Public schools usually have rigid guidelines for class plans while independent schools usually leave more of the instruction to the discretion of the teacher. The exception being the larger chain schools which may enforce their own curriculum and guidelines. You may have to work additional hours to test new students as well as provide marketing support for the institute in question.


ESL teachers will have clear guidelines set out for them in the contracts they receive from Teaching in Asia. This will allow the teacher to understand the responsibilities and the time commitments that will be expected of them when they start their jobs in Japan. Teaching in Asia encourages all teachers to take up hobbies or new activities in their spare time to reduce the effects of homesickness and increase the chances of a successful ESL teaching career.

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