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Teaching Games for Japanese Teachers

Students learning ESL often will do it best through games that will challenge their skills. Games that can develop language skills are numerous and can be found in books and websites devoted to ESL activities. Teachers can utilize games for all age groups in addition to classroom educational activities.


With each institute and school in Japan comes a different working environment and culture. In some schools games are more restricted then others and must carefully be worked into the curriculum. Others are more open minded about games as they advocate a free based learning style. It is important to learn the culture of your school and coworkers before utilizing games in the classroom. Ask which games and what times are appropriate.


Done correctly, games can be the greatest asset to an ESL teacher in their job by keeping children and adults interested in the language. By using games to reinforce what is taught in the instructional part of class a teacher can increase retention rates, and the speed by which students adopt the language. Make sure to use them effectively and within the cultural constraints of the school you are employed by.

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