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Japan Schools 101

Schools in Japan are highly rigid and centralized. The same can apply for the ESL schools depending on the type of school it is. Typically the younger the children the more freedom a teacher has in developing the curriculum and tools to teach the class. As students become older they are expected to conform to standards set by the school system and by the government in general.


Testing in Japan is famous for it's frequency and difficulty. It is almost a continental habit to test students to exhaustion for the purposes of university entrance, competence, and a variety of other metrics. A continent as dedicated to the study of mathematics is only expected to quantify students in every numerical method possible.


Universities are areas of hard study for most Japanese students as they prepare for their careers in an ever competitive job market. Fraternities and Sororities are not to be found in Japan however an active nightlife can be found in university areas. If you are a teacher in a university then you will find that you are a step ahead in terms of the nightlife. It is a great way to learn English to have a fun time out with the teacher and the students know this.


ESL teachers will find Japanese schools to be vastly different from their western counterparts, but if you examine them carefully then you will find some similarities in the background. Some of the skills and methods you learn while in Japan will prove enormously helpful when you return home and bring them with you.

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