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Questions for Teachers in Japan

ESL teachers will find that more than any other activity when teaching abroad, questions from students will be the most important aspect of development for a student’s English skills. Given a reason to listen for an answer is difficult for even the most seasoned of teachers. Therefore when the student instigates the conversation with a question, it should be regarded as a genuine interest in listening to your response.


With Japanese students an ESL teacher will find a classroom of students all eager to learn about you. They will start with simple questions and develop increasingly complex ones as they develop competence with the language. The reason that Teaching in Asia brings questions up in its information pages is because new teachers may be startled or even offended at the types of questions being asked.


Asian students will ask anything under the sun. If you are heavier, then you will be asked why you are fat. If you are balding, then you will be asked why you are bald. If you are not prepared to handle questions like that with an emphasis on developing the students ESL skills then teaching in Japan is not for you.


Questions are one of the best ways to teach your students. Accept that the cultures are different and that questions will arise which are unexpected and unappreciated. Use them to do what you are there to do. Teach the students English.

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