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Orientation for Teachers in Japan

In some if not most of Teaching in Asia contracts, there is a clause that pertains to orientation for schools. Many applicants that apply for ESL jobs at Teaching in Asia have never taught before either in their home country or abroad. Therefore some schools and institutes have developed introductory orientation sessions where they can introduce some of the basic points of ESL teaching as well as school specific curriculum information.


Orientation is beneficial to the new teacher as it gives them a basis by which to plan out lessons and action plans for the classroom. ESL teachers will also learn how to control a classroom and make learning as fun and productive as possible. Familiarity with the school’s books is also a goal of orientation so that they are easier to teach and communicate.


There is a different side to orientation as well for ESL teachers. They serve as a great introduction to their host country and coworkers. Most orientation sessions include a bit of fun on the side to show you some new things and to keep you happy. Sometimes orientation is in a different town then where you will be teaching. The transportation and lodging will in almost all cases be covered by the school or institute if this is the case unless specifically noted in the contract.


Make the most of your orientation. Ask a lot of questions so you don’t have to later. A good impression in orientation can go a long way in establishing yourself as a high quality ESL teacher in Japan.

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