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Free Time for Teachers in Japan

ESL teachers generally have a great deal of free time as compared to both local teachers and teachers back in their home countries. Given that their teaching hours are generally low and extra work is minimal, teachers will find time to take up new hobbies and learn the culture of Japan. With a population that is as diverse in their interests as Japan you will have no problem finding friends both foreign and local that share your interests.


If you are located in one of the larger cities there may be clubs and organizations which you can take part in. Japanese are eager friends and you will feel at home even when you first arrive. Based on our experiences in Asia, usually the more willing you are too put down previous generalizations and inhibitions the better your time will be while overseas. Japanese are avid painters, poets, writers, singers, etc and you can dip your hand into all of them while overseas to find what you like. Remember that teaching in Asia is not only a job, it is also a way to explore who you are as a person. So take your free time and dive into the local scene and make the most of it.

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