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Extra Work for Teachers in Japan

Extra work is appreciated but not expected of ESL teachers in Japan. Your work is usually closely linked with the contract you were provided. The additional work that is often imposed on local teachers is rarely done so on the foreign teachers.


It is important to note however that additional work often will increase the relationship between you and your coworkers who may feel some resentment towards a highly paid foreigner doing less work. So offering your help to other teachers who have a lot on their plate will often go a long way in making new friends.


Additional work that might be requested but not in the contract may involve marketing by the school to the new parents. You may be asked to show up occasionally on a weekend morning to be the face of a language school. This is often compensated to some degree and will be announced well in advance.


ESL teachers should be flexible when first arriving in Asia as they are working in a different cultural environment where extra work is not appreciated but expected. This as was said earlier is minimal for foreign teachers but the occasional favor here and there should be expected and offered.



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