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Dress Code for Teachers in Japan

Wearing casual clothes in Japan is quite normal for jobs teaching. Japanese children and young adults are very expressive in their dress styles and this is obvious from what would almost appear to be some extreme fashions. In some schools that are in the more exclusive districts in Japanese cities, you may be asked to wear business casual, given the standing of the parents whose children attend school there.


While Japanese kids and young adults wear a large variety of clothing, some of which might be offensive to foreigners, it should not be an open invitation to wear anything that comes to mind. The distinction between offensive and regular is often difficult to tell for foreigners. It is best to dress as you would in your home country, around people that you don’t know that well.


Again if you have to ask yourself if it is ok, then it is best to just try something else. There is no penalty for neutral clothing in Japan, and it will go a long way in keeping your boss pleased about your teaching and therefore your job.


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