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Transportation in Japan

Japan generally has very advanced transportation systems, with some being world famous, such as the high speed rail networks. Taxis, buses, and regular rail services are widely available, especially in the larger cities. Many foreigners choose to get their own bikes, mopeds, or even small cars to get to and from work.


One thing to keep in mind while teaching in Japan is that transportation is very expensive as compared to most other countries. Taxis will not run cheap, as even just getting in the taxi will be a few dollars. The automatically opening doors on most taxis in Japan give some consolation but few foreigners find themselves riding the taxis after the first expensive weeks.


There are different classes of travel between Japanese cities. A preference in Japan is for speed, hence the high speed rail which definitely places an emphasis on speed over comfort, with its narrow seats and cramped quarters.


Other options include intercity bus travel and while not as comfortable in our opinion as Korea’s bus system, it definitely is our preferred method of getting around. There are special packages which can be bought at quite a discount over normal prices. You should talk with your fellow teachers and Japanese friends to see how these can be obtained.


It is noticeable that teachers in Japan travel within Japan much less frequently then teachers in our other destinations do, largely given the high cost of travel, however with careful planning and attention to special deals, transportation costs can be minimized.



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