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Phones in Japan

Japan is a mecca for mobile phone fanatics. With some of the most advanced technologies in the world in regards to mobile phones you will have no trouble staying up to date. Phones in Japan range from the budget basics to some of the most expensive handsets you will ever witness. Streaming Video, Video calls, etc are all old news in Japan and are all accepted as the mainstream.


Look for speed, cost of calls, and accessibility when making a purchase. Be sure to have a local friend with you to look over the contracts and make sure they are in order. Excessive calling in Japan can be an expensive habit so use a plan that accommodates your needs. Calling home can be done easily with the huge variety of phone cards available. Be sure to ask around about some of the ones that are most useful. Some are better for calling some countries then others.


Most phones in Japan are built both for English and for Japanese language capability. You should be able to easily switch between the two. Some functions like online banking and other highly technical aspects may only be accessible in the local language. However for the basic functions that ESL teachers will require, you will have difficulties meeting your needs with Japanese mobile phones.


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