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Housing in Japan

Housing in Japan is quite small for Western teachers, especially in the larger cities around the country. Taking a job teaching usually requires some sacrifices and Japan is no exception, with what could be easily the smallest living accommodations of any of the countries that you can choose in Teaching in Asia.


Housing in Japan is primarily apartment units which can be rented or shared with other teachers. Usually your school will provide the deposit money and you will take care of the monthly rent. You will usually have a small bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and perhaps a small patio depending on your apartment.


For the most part Japanese still sleep on the floors, and if you choose to follow this custom, you will find you have a bit more room to work with as you can easily pack up your sheets from the night before. Some lucky teachers will find their apartments to be a bit more expansive then the average. Beware, word will get around and your apartment will be sought after for gatherings.


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