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Healthcare in Japan

Japanese healthcare is among the most modern in the world with well known facilities and medical centers in every major city. In fact of any country that you could contract through Teaching in Asia, Japan has arguably the best functioning medical system. With universal sponsored insurance as well as easy access to doctors, you will find that medical care is the least of your worries during your job teaching.


One problem that we have heard from teachers that are on the job in Japan, is the lack of English language assistance in some areas. This tends to diminish in the larger cities, but for those that are working in more rural locations this could be an issue. It is best to have a friend accompany you in any case which should reduce the risk of any miscommunication.


Again this is a minor problem and for the most part you will enjoy a very comfortable life while in Japan and be well treated for any illness that might come up. You have access to all medical facilities although you may find yourself being charged more for showing up at a hospital without a referral. Teaching English in Japan will make you many friends though, just ask one to introduce their doctor to you for future treatment.

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