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Garbage in Japan

Japan has some of the strictest rules regarding garbage collection and disposal and ESL teachers newly arriving in Japan should learn the local rules as quickly as possible. Collection days vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. You can find your own local schedule on a brightly colored sheet at the local collection site. This might be in Japanese so you should ask a coworker or a friend to accompany you the first time.


Garbage can be divided into three categories in Japan. These are burnable, nonburnable, and recyclable. Trash should be carefully sorted according to these sections. You can learn more about this from local guides and also in the Lonely Planet guide for Japan which you can buy at our online store.


But to summarize, burnable items are those household goods which are not recyclable but can be easily burned. Paper towels, sheets, etc. Non Burnables are neither recyclable or burnable and can include wrappings, metal goods, etc. Recyclables include all those commonly recycled items like bottles, cans, newspaper, and the list goes on. It makes a great impression on your neighbors to have well organized garbage and lowers the risk of it being ignored by the trash collectors.

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