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Food and Water in Japan

Japan is a land of culinary delight, as evidenced by the explosion of Japanese restaurants and BBQ eateries in the United States and North America. Teachers are often surprised by the huge variety of food available in Japan and it becomes a job in itself to explore the thousands of dishes being offered.


Sushi is only part of the menu in Japan which includes noodles, meats, and dozens of soup varieties. The ever popular ramen is also a huge favorite for teachers and students in Japan, given the low cost and wide selection. Be sure to check out the Japanese fast food outlets that serve local dishes at a low price. They are very popular for teachers taking a break from their jobs.


Food in Japan is a bit more expensive then it is in other areas where Teaching in Asia offers teaching jobs. While one can afford to eat out almost every night in Korea or Taiwan, a teacher may not be able to afford this in Japan. You will be provided a kitchen and we recommend that you make good use of it.


This does not mean you shouldn’t take the time to try some of the street food which is widely available. The tents are famous for their comfort and relaxation. Enjoy Japan and savor some of the finest flavors in the world.


Water is in our opinion very clean in Japan, but should still be bottled for personal consumption. This is a universal suggestion from Teaching in Asia and applies to all of our teachers in all locations

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