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Driving in Japan

Teaching in Asia as a rule does not recommend ESL teachers to buy or lease a car when going overseas, especially if this is your first year. The complications are enormous and what most Western residents take for granted can take on a life of its own in Asia. Parking, Licensing, Driving Rules, etc all have the capacity to make your new life overseas much harder then it needs to be.


This is especially true in Japan which has some of the strictest regulations on the planet in terms of driving regulations and licensing procedures. Aside from that, if your teaching post is in one of the major cities, we could not even begin to tell you how to deal with parking and traffic. The fact is that Japan has one of the most advanced public transport systems in the world, which while expensive is much cheaper then owning a vehicle.


Japanese drivers operate under the British standard in that the steering column is on the right hand side rather than the left. You will see this in all taxis and private cars. If you are American then the rules for traffic are much different. You should either take a course or get a guidebook if you insist on owning an automobile. We do not recommend this, but for your safety it is essential.


Bottom line is invest your money in seeing Japan, and enjoying what the city has to offer, rather than a vehicle and maintenance.

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