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Banking in Japan

The Japanese Banking system is a bit more rigid then you might find in the other countries in Asia, they are highly organized and require multitudes of documentation to get a task done. Most large banks from around the world are represented well in Japan but all will be required to have the same things in order to exchange money, wire funds, or open an account.


Make sure you bring a local teacher the first time you go to the bank to ensure you fill out all things properly. You will need to find out what documents are required from the school in order to open an account as well as to wire funds home. Have the banker write down the instructions on a piece of paper that you keep. This way when you go back it is all written down and you need not worry about communication.


Wiring and money exchange rates are very reasonable in Japan and are among the cheapest in Asia. It is all carefully controlled so you need not worry about money or wiring scams while in Japan. Make sure you conduct all transactions in the bank rather then using any street vendors for exchange or otherwise. ESL teachers, once they learn how to navigate the banking scene will easily be able to conduct their financial business while in Japan.

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