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Tourism in Japan

Tourism in Japan is a huge business for people around the world. Flocking to see the beautiful geography and ingrain in Japan's culture has led to a tourism boom in many of Japans largest cities. In addition the Japanese are fervent travelers and they travel around the world looking to make new memories and expose their children to the outside world.


ESL teachers unfortunately will be a little less suited for tourism while teaching in Japan then if they were teaching in other countries. Japan is very expensive to travel throughout and while you can live comfortably in Japan, extensive travel is not as much an option as it would be somewhere else.


There are several tour companies that specialize in busing foreigners around the country. This would probably be the most feasible option if you are looking to explore Japan and see some of the beautiful sites. Make sure you check out the different options or have a local friend do it for you when you get there.

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