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Street Stands in Japan

Drinking tents are a common sight in Japan and double as eating and entertainment for people looking for a night on the town. Varying in size from tents for a couple of people to larger ones that accommodate dozens, tents are a great way to spend the evening. Unique foods and drinks can often be found at these establishments which tend to move frequently.


A good way to make new friends with local coworkers are acquaintances would be to ask them to join you for an evening where you can stop at a few drinking tents. It is a chance to get to know each other in casual fashion and you will find that more people will join you as the evening wears on. It is a great opportunity to try some of the mystery dishes that come with living in a new country.


For new ESL teachers the drinking tents may be the easiest and most convenient food source until you learn the local area. It is usually as hygienic as the restaurants if not more so. The prices are good and the company is friendly.

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