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Shopping in Japan

With its ultra modern shopping malls and its trend conscience citizenry Japan has become a shopper’s paradise, although not for the prices. With every conceivable store and every fashion brand available somewhere in Japan you would be hard pressed not to find what you are looking for. For a new ESL teacher in Japan, prices might seem expensive, and they are compared to some other countries you can choose, but selection and variety justify the prices.


Be sure to check out the theme shopping malls in various cities around Japan. Fukuoka has a mall that has a little stream running through it, and includes a variety of entertainment to your shopping day. These are worth just having a walk around to see. In addition there are outdoor bazaars where you can buy all manner of goods. Similar to a US flea market hundreds of vendors set up shop and sell anything under the sun. These are often themed to Electronics, Food, etc so do your research.


In addition ESL teachers take advantage of cheaper prices next door in South Korea. They will often make a trip just to shop and get the latest fashions at a considerable discount to those available in Japan.


Most major shopping centers in Japan accept all credit cards so accessing money will not be a problem. Be careful with your spending, as we have heard of teachers blowing a month’s wage on a shopping expedition.

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