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Museums in Japan

Japan is a country with a long and rich history. It's museums are a testament to Japan's development as a major world power and they are often fascinating to foreigners that wish to become familiar with the heritage and culture. They are often the most reasonably priced attractions for those looking for cheap getaways.


Tokyo obviously has some of the best and most recognized museums in Japan but several other cities have their own notable attractions. Osaka, Fukuoka, etc all have their own widely known museums and attractions. Included are some traditional cities and towns that have been built as a reminder of the past for Japanese people.


ESL teachers will find themselves at home in museums as they use English widely as the written and spoken language. You can also find discounts and special deals depending on the days and times you wish to go. Teachers can greatly enhance their lessons as well as their own experiences with some familiarity with Japanese culture and heritage.


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