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Foreign Bars in Japan

Foreign bars or Western bars are those that cater to foreigners or those that use a western theme in order to appeal to local customers and expats. They are extremely popular for expats, especially when themed with something from home. Think Irish bars. Japan has an excellent assortment of foreign bars catering to all manner of clientele.


Higher end western bars are usually found in hotels and may include a variety of themes. Beware these, as they can be especially expensive, particularly in Japan. More common and less expensive western bars can be found all over the major cities in Japan. It is easiest to ask an experienced foreigner where the best spots are. Foreigners usually consolidate in only a few bars around the city, so if you go into a random western bar you might find yourself among all local residents.


Western bars in Japan are great ways to meet friends and to find out more information about local events and activities. The Bars themselves will often have band events and special shows honoring a holiday in another country. Again think St Patrick’s Day for an Irish Bar in Tokyo. All in all a great country to take a break and enjoy a conversation at a local expat bar.



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