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Fishing in Japan

Japan is a great place for fishing and boasts some of the most active fishermen in the world. If you are an active fisherman at home, then Japan will be a smooth transition for you in terms of continuing your hobby. ESL teachers often take time in the weekends to go fishing and eat with friends both foreign and local.


Fishing equipment can be expensive in Japan, especially the foreign brands. It is often more feasible to share with other ESL teachers or even to rent if it is available. Outdoor shops have a great deal of fishing equipment. Ask a local teacher where a good store is and to go with you for any questions you might have. It can be difficult to get a great deal of fishing equipment home at the end of your teaching in Japan, so it is suggested to sell it to a new teacher.


If a fellow teacher asks you to go fishing, take the opportunity to get out there and make some friends or build your relationship. They may also prepare you a unique dish with the fish you catch. Be prepared to drink a bit as this is part of the fun and attraction for fishermen in Japan.

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