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Dance Clubs in Japan

Dance Clubs in Japan are some of the leading trendsetters in the world when it comes to modern musical entertainment and fashion. The booming clubs in Tokyo and Osaka are attracting youngsters from all over the world to try their moves and listen to the new waves of music.

Clubs in Japan can be a pricey source of entertainment so approach them carefully and with a knowledge of the real costs. We say real costs since there are often a bunch of extra charges that are tabulated at the end of an evening that you either did not know about or remember. Many a teacher have found they spent half a paycheck in one night at a club that they cannot even remember.

If you are willing to chance it then ask some local teachers to guide you for an evening on the town. They will steer you within a budget and for a good time. They will most likely have a better idea of what is going on then the Lonely Planet or other first timers. Invest in buying them a drink for showing you the town. It is a great way to create lasting relationships and a memorable experience.

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