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Cinemas in Japan

Cinemas in Japan are great for watching both foreign and local movies. With cinemas being enormously popular you will never be far away from being able to watch the newest releases on the big screen. Cinemas are a bit expensive by western standards and as compared to the other Asian countries but they are clean and the sound and video systems often border on the extraordinary.


With cinemas often being part of large shopping complexes you will have a large assortment of foods and drinks available. Movies are often organized into the local releases and foreign imports. There is often a ratio in place in terms of foreign movies versus local releases. Be expecting long lines for the newest blockbusters out of Hollywood.


If you are residing in Tokyo you may even get to glimpse some Hollywood stars who often venture to Japan for new releases. Japan is a star crazy country and the crowds to see them will astound you. Be sure to see about memberships when you arrive that can reduce the price of tickets at the cinema.

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