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Camping in Japan

ESL teachers going to Japan will find it an incredible place for camping. With forests and parks on all the major islands and with a great appreciation for nature, the Japanese people have developed a paradise for campers. ESL teachers and tourists from all over the world travel to Japan each year to explore the natural beauty of the countryside.


Camping in Japan can be expensive as compared to the other countries that we place teachers in. Camping gear, park fees, and transportation all require a considerable expense. Teaching in Asia suggests that new teachers try to join a club or group that makes regular excursions to the countryside. By sharing gear and costs, it becomes a much more feasible activity for the budget conscience teacher. Teachers can find gear in stores in all cities. There are several outdoor franchise stores which offer a range of camping and hiking equipment.


Teaching in Asia strongly suggests to female teachers in Japan that they go on camping trips in groups which include as least some male friends or coworkers. The dangers in a foreign country are no less then that of your home country. Teachers interested in camping during their job overseas can consult a Lonely Planet Guide for Japan to see more about camping sites and rates.


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