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Beaches in Japan

As a set of islands it is only natural that Japan have beaches to go along with them. Japan has some of the longest shorelines in the world. With a balance of rocky shores and sandy beaches the Japanese shoreline is a mixture of beauty and entertainment. ESL teachers will find a welcome respite from their jobs at the beaches especially if they are near the coastal areas.


Japanese are a bit more liberal then some of the other countries like China and Korea when it comes to beach attire. With bikinis and sundresses in style in Japan you can expect a more western atmosphere when visiting the beaches. Food, drinks, and entertainment abound in the touristy areas of Japan and the beaches are no exception. Make sure to take cash as most vendors won't take other forms of payment.


ESL teachers should take care with their belongings at the beach as they are areas for theft. Teachers can find lodgings and budget travel stops in a Lonely Planet Guide for Japan.



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