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Sports in Japan

The most similar to the United States in terms of sports, Japan is a great place to experience Baseball, Soccer, and lesser known professional leagues of other western sports. Teaching in Japan is great for the sports enthusiast as there is no shortage of baseball games and soccer matches scattered throughout the islands.


Baseball in Japan is arguably one of the most popular American imports. Some great Baseball stars in the USA now are from Japan and they are often leaders of the World Baseball Classic. You will find it easy to make friends in local bars on big game nights especially if you take the time to learn some of the teams and key players.


Soccer is also a hugely popular sport in Japan. Talking on the job in Japan will often revolve around soccer matches viewed the evening before in the local bar or restaurant. Make sure to catch a game at one of Japan’s huge soccer stadiums. Prices are reasonable and you will find the fans are as spirited as any in your home country.

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