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Religion in Japan

Japan allows for freedom of religion and a great many of the world's leading religions have representation and followers in the country. With the transitions over the past half century from the worship of the emperor to a society which allows for differences in beliefs, Japan has become a beacon for those seeking religious freedom. ESL teachers will find that their religions and beliefs will be respected in Japan.

A large percentage of the population has become agnostic or atheist as a result of Japanese history. Large groups have flocked to the Christian Churches that are all over Japan. Teachers that are active in the Church at home will find themselves at home in Japan, where Church organizations are very active in the community. They are great ways for new teachers to make friends as well while residing in Japan.

Whatever religion you may hold true, it is important to respect the beliefs and traditions of your hosts in Japan. Some religions may hold great value as far as learning about the local culture and the history of the country you are living in. Teaching in Asia suggests to all teachers that they take the time to explore the traditional beliefs of your local coworkers and friends.

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