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Painting in Japan

ESL teachers who are actively involved in painting or have a plan to be will find Japan to be a wonderful place to learn the art. Japanese culture has evolved into a highly creative and artistic progression. This has led to exciting developments in the world of design and architecture. Painting is no exception.


Every major city has numerous painting clubs where you can become involved with others that share the same interests. Painting in Japan is a great way to make new friends as well as explore the culture and scenes that have inspired some of the world's great art. Painting styles range from the strictly local to the modern western methods. There is a great deal of breadth and scope in Japanese art scene.


Painting can be an expensive hobby to undertake in Japan. Tools and equipment can be pricey as compared to other countries. It is probably best to bring some with you when you come to Japan to avoid the high cost. Alternatively some clubs have discounts available for some equipment which you can utilize as a member.


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