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National Symbols in Japan

Japan with it's rich history and culture has a large number of National Symbols that are famous throughout the world. Millions of tourists flock to Japan each year to see and experience the beautiful mountains and rivers that inspired countless stories in Japan's past. National Symbols also include some controversial ones including the shrines to Japan's war dead and the Atomic Bomb sites.


A Lonely Planet Guide for Japan will inform you of the national symbols present in the city you are residing in. Each city has it's own national and regional symbols or claims to fame as one might call it. ESL teachers are encouraged to visit some of this sites of interest to develop a working knowledge of Japanese history and culture. It will make for great classroom discussion and give you talking points to make your job easier.


National Symbols can range from free of charge to a moderate entrance fee. It is best to refer to the Lonely Planet Guide for pricing information. There are some memberships that you can join to reduce the price to museums and other attractions. This might warrant a moderate investment.


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