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Language in Japan

The Japanese language is universally spoken in Japan. There is no real minority languages that are spoken throughout Japan which means the literacy rate is among the highest in the world. English is slowly being adopted as the language of business in Japan but there are many hurdles before common acceptance and usage is achieved.


The Japanese language is difficult for foreigners to grasp when they first arrive since the characters used differ greatly from the Roman Letter system that is in use in Europe and the rest of the world. Visitors and ESL teachers residing in Japan will have ample opportunities to develop their language skills with the number of clubs and eager friends. Investing some time and effort in learning the basics before you leave will go a long way in getting you off to a running start when you arrive.


ESL teachers will quickly get the basics down due to pure necessity. It is not needed to learn Japanese while you are there. The vast majority of ESL teachers working overseas rarely learn the language of the country they are working in.

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