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Holidays in Japan

Japan has several major holidays every year which are both traditional and governmental. ESL teachers in Japan will enjoy their time off on these holidays as most schools close. The busiest holidays will mean difficult travel for most teachers as flocks of Japanese make their way to their hometowns.


New Years Day, Coming of Age Day, The Emperor's Birthday, etc are all examples of holidays where your school could let you off for one or more days. Rarely is a holiday period long enough to think about traveling home but it is a good chance to travel overseas to explore more of Asia. For a cheaper alternative to spending a holiday roaming around Japan, consider a trip to Korea. This is a popular destination for ESL teachers in Asia as well and you will be sure to find some new friends.


When you first arrive to your institute ask the director or other staff member what the school holiday periods are. This will make planning for your vacations and time away much easier. In addition you should put some money aside each month for travel expenditures as Japan is quite expensive to travel both within and from.


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