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Drama and Movies in Japan

Japan is known for it's movie industry which in our opinion grows increasingly creepy every year. Some western movies that have been wildly popular are inspired or drawn directly from Japanese classics. This is especially true in the horror genre. The Ring and The Eye are both drawn directly from Japanese classics.


Japanese TV programming has also grown in popularity over the years and some of the dramas are finding their way to western shores. ESL teachers will have trouble understanding these shows as most are in Japanese and are not English subtitled. DVD box sets are popular in Japan and you can often get English subtitles if you rent a box set for a show.


ESL teachers will find a lot of material to teach with if they take the time to watch some Japanese TV and movies. Movies are usually always subtitled in the DVD version so be sure to rent versus attend the cinema. Rest assured you can get the movies and drama you need while living in Japan.


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