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Tokyo, Japan

As the capital and largest city in Japan, Tokyo is a must see for tourists and residents alike. One of the largest cities in the world with tens of millions of people in the metropolitan area, it is easy to lose oneself in the wide variety of neighborhoods and areas that comprise Tokyo. The largest numbers of expats in Japan reside in Tokyo for jobs ranging from ESL teachers to high level executives. Japan has been increasingly receptive to immigration from other countries gradually raising the cosmopolitan feel of the city.


Most ESL teachers choose Tokyo as a first choice when deciding to take a job in Japan. Given the city’s level of development and the numbers of eager clients, Tokyo is a natural choice for those first timers. They will have no problems finding friends among Tokyo’s numerous foreign bars and indeed they will easily make Japanese friends as well.


The transportation systems in the Capital are extensive, easy to navigate, and make transportation relatively easy. In addition the wide availability of foreign restaurants and western retail concepts make Tokyo a kind of stepping stone to a career Teaching in Asia.


Tokyo is known for its liberal tendencies, and they have a wide variety of entertainment to meet your needs. When arriving in Tokyo for your job, be sure to talk with coworkers and friends about what to see and do while staying in Tokyo. Also make sure to invest in a Lonely Planet guide available at our online bookstore.

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