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Population of Japan

There are approximately 128 million people living in Japan. It is the world’s tenth most populated country and the population density is extremely high among the developed nations. Japan is intrinsically one of the most homogenous countries in the world with historical and geographical factors playing a large role for that.


Recently the Japanese population has been declining as families opt to have fewer children, if at all. The life expectancy on the other hand is among the highest in the world, leaving Japan with a rapidly aging population. This demographic shift is having a large impact on the Japanese economy as well as its economic future. Immigration is starting to loosen up and more foreigners are residing in Japan, often taking menial jobs which the Japanese do not want.


The largest minority population aside from Japanese is the Koreans who have resided there since World War 2 or before. Japan is the most linguistically homogeneous populations as well, with almost the entire population speaking Japanese and stemming from ancient Japan. Emigration is increasing as Japanese increasingly seek to work abroad, especially younger Japanese who take a more worldly approach to their studies and careers.

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