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Mountains in Japan

 Japan is known for a rugged terrain and is widely regarded for its hiking trails and mountain resorts. Perhaps you have heard of the famous hot baths that make a spa retreat in Japan a global attraction. 73% of Japan is considered to be mountainous which might explain the high population densities in the major cities.


Japan has three “Holy Mountains”. These are Mount Tate, Haku, and Fuji. They are among the most famous mountains in the world and worthy of a journey to see them while teaching in Japan. Usually there exist small towns around mountains in Japan which offer a full range of hospitality and unique restaurants for travelers. In Japanese culture mountains often hold stories which are always interesting to hear.


If you plan to do some mountain climbing during your teaching job in Japan, make sure to invest in good equipment, even though it may be a bit expensive as compared to other countries. If you are an inexperienced climber, some training or joining a club may be beneficial as well. These clubs exist all over Japan. Ask a local colleague to help you find one. Along with being great exercise mountain climbing can be a great way to make new friends.

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