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Geography in Japan

Japan is a country well known for its beautiful mountains, rivers, and coastline. When you are flying overhead for the first time to arrive in Japan, or arriving via boat from Korea, you will surely be mesmerized by the simple beauty that Japan has come to signify.


Japan is roughly the same size as the US state of Montana and consists of several islands. The terrain is generally rugged and mountainous giving Japan its remarkable views. The amount of flat land available in Japan is negligible and is the reason the country depends on imports of food to survive. You will see that mountains from bottom to top have some degree of cultivation to increase production.


Rivers in Japan are beautiful but difficult to navigate given their fast moving nature. They are used extensively for power production through hydroelectric plants. Make sure to check out the rivers in early spring as a great deal of snow melts and the water runs deep and fast.


Japan has many beautiful beaches as well, but is not as known for them given the colder temperatures in Japan as compared to some of our other job destinations. While a teacher in Japan, take time aside from your job to enjoy the geography and beauty of Japan. Get a Lonely Planet guide from our bookstore to get a better idea of where to visit.


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