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Japan Cost of Living

Considered to be the most expensive country to teach in Asia by many of our teachers, the cost of living Japan should be considered carefully in your goals when planning your move to Asia. If you are looking to save a great deal of money during your job teaching in Asia, then Japan may not be the ideal location. However if you are looking to experience Japan and it’s vibrant culture, and saving money is not a priority then pack your bags.


As with any other place, the longer you are there the cheaper it will become as you learn the ins and outs and places to shop. Your fellow teachers and local friends will also help you to save money as you need specific items. Never be shy to ask around for a better deal, usually there is one to be found it the vibrant city markets.


For some things, like transport and entertainment, higher costs will be difficult to avoid. Taxis and public transportation will all be noticeably more expensive than in other Asian countries. Food can be cheap depending on your individual tastes, and you can find great deals in some of the mass markets scattered throughout the main cities. Ramen is always a favorite for a teacher on a budget.

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