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Fukouka, Japan

A Southern port city in Japan, and home to one of the primary consulates for the infamous Korea visa run, Fukuoka is a vibrant city for Japanese and foreigners alike. Most of our staff at Teaching in Asia have been to Fukuoka at one point or another due to it’s close proximity to the Korean port city of Busan. A “Beetle” ride away and you can either spend the weekend in Busan or Fukouka.


Home to a professional baseball team, Fukuoka has a large variety of western style restaurants and includes a Hard Rock Café. In addition you can find several western bars sprinkled throughout the city, which are great places to network when you first arrive, either to teach or for your visa run. You never know if you might want to spend your next year there.


Jobs in Fukuoka are relatively easy to come by. With several large schools and a diverse metropolitan population, students and private institutes abound for a teacher looking to make some money. You will find that many Japanese speak very good English in this city and getting around is relatively easy and clean. Beware the taxis as you would anywhere in Japan, as they are expensive. Use the bus system as much as possible, as it is well organized and quick.

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