Internal Review

The following review steps are taken by us in order to determine if a candidate is viable as far as schools are concerned. These standards are set by schools and cultural standards in Asia, NOT by Teaching In Asia. We simply make a recommendation based on the following factors.
Teachers Age: 22-45 is the ideal range for a candidate applying to teach in Asia. This is not by our restrictions, but rather because we cannot guarantee past the age of 45 to find a reasonable job offer from a school. This does not mean we will not try to place the teacher, simply that we cannot guarantee it. There have been successful placements of teachers over the age of 45 before, it may just take more time.
Teachers Accent: If the teacher has a strong accent, it may be difficult to find a school willing to take on that teacher.
Teacher’s Appearance: If the teacher has a disheveled appearance then it may be difficult to place the teacher. We cannot guarantee placement to teachers that do not submit a nice clean photograph of themselves. In addition visible tattoos can make it more difficult to place as well as possibly being rejected by the consulate at the consular interview. 

Unreasonable Requests: If the teacher makes a request or requests that are unreasonable as compared to the average teacher working in the ESL field, it is impossible to guarantee that that request will be granted and that the teacher can be placed.

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