Our Guarantee to Teachers
We guarantee placement for every teacher that passes the qualification process.
We guarantee that any teacher, who meets all criteria set out by Immigration Authorities and by our own internal review, will get a position that meets our criteria for a post of good standing.
We guarantee that we will review school offerings and ensure teachers are placed into good reputable institutions.
We have set criteria that we will match contracts against. If we feel the contract does not meet our criteria we will declare it to the applicant. These criteria are transparent to both the teacher and the school.

We guarantee to be there for our teachers throughout their entire teaching experience.
We will be available to discuss any problems or issues you may experience during your stay in Asia. We will do our best to address these concerns and to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Our Guarantee to Schools

We guarantee to assist schools in meeting their needs for foreign teachers.
We will review teachers as according to your instructions for placement in your institutions. We will work with you to develop guidelines and a recruiting program for your current and future needs.

We guarantee to assist teachers with their needs within the signed conditions of the contract.
We will assist teachers that have been selected through in their adjustment and will clearly communicate the working conditions to minimize the chance of miscommunication. We will work with schools to resolve any miscommunications which may arise with our teachers.

We guarantee to respect the sancity of the contract between teachers and schools in working with both.
We will work with the school to develop contracts that are clearly understandable by both teacher and school. This will allow the teacher to clearly understand what his/her responsibilities are as well as provide clear boundaries.


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