Frequently Asked Questions

Korea FAQ

1. How long does it take to be placed once we send our information.

A: We will begin searching for a placement as soon as your information is received and your profile is completed. Typical time to placement from document submission is about a week. Visa processing times may take longer depending on the country in which you plan to teach as well as their specific visa requirements. Look to arriving in Korea about 4-6 weeks after first communication with us.  If you have your documentation quickly it can be quicker.
2. How long is the average teaching contract?

A: All Teaching in Asia contracts are 1 year. Korea has a built in bonus for teachers after one year. Korea will provide one month's salary as a bonus upon completion of the one year contract. 

3. How much vacation time will I get?

A: Teaching in Asia contracts guarantees a minimum of ten days vacation time per year. Some schools offer more than 10 days. The process for getting your vacation time is different from school to school. It is best to have an idea of when you will take your vacation time when you start the contract so the school can plan around it. As a rule of thumb most teachers do not go home during their year overseas, opting instead to visit in between contracts or on their return upon completion of their contract.

4. What is an apostille?

A: An Apostille is a recognized international notary of sorts. In the United States they are issued by individual states in the Secetary of State's office. You can ask a local notary where you can get an Apostille's seal and they should be able to direct you.

5. Is this service free?

A: YES!!! We get paid by schools to seek out, screen, and make your transition as comfortable as possible. You should NOT have to pay for any placement into either Korea or Japan. So if you are looking at multiple services for your placement, immediately disregard those that ask for upfront payment.

6. Do you provide relocation assistance?

A: We do not offer any relocation assistance outside of reimbursement for a plane ticket for both Korea and Japan. Chinese placements may require you to pay for your own plane ticket. Assistance for moving household items will not be provided. We suggest strongly you pack what you need in two large bags for your year overseas.

7. What kind of housing will be provided?

A: It is important to remember you will not be living in the same style of housing you are used to in the Western Countries. It is comfortable and it will be furnished. However it may be smaller then what you are used to and it may lack some of the appliances you are used to having. For example in Korea it is very rare to find a house with a stove. You should be aware of this before going overseas.

8. Will I be paid for my orientation, if my school requires one?

A: As a general rule you will not be paid for orientation. As a requirement for our contracts, we do require that orientation goes no longer then 7 unpaid work days for your first year, and no more then 3 unpaid days for each additional year.

9. What should I put as a starting date?

You should list the date when you will be available to be in the country, teaching on a regular basis. We seek out placement on account of the date you input. If we reserve a placement for you on the basis of the date you choose, and you seek to change the date after placement, we cannot guarantee you the school or conditions that you had in the initial placement.

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