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Venting for Teachers in China

It is a natural for a teacher on the job to get angry from time to time. Regardless of the patience and ability to deal with stress, teachers will naturally get tensed and need to vent. There is no exception in China, especially when dealing with a class crammed full of students. This is especially true when considering the students are all yelling in a language you most like do not understand.
Teaching in Asia can’t give you the tools to make sure you never lose your cool, however we do ask that you remember that you are in a different culture, and in China losing your temper in a highly visible or vocal way can cause a loss of face for you. We suggest that you take a few steps to deal with growing frustration. First take a little walk between classes to get some fresh air and get away for a moment. Second have a drink of water, as it is amazing how cranky we can get when thirsty even if we don’t realize it.
Part of being an ESL teacher in Asia is learning to deal with students through body language. Show your students that there are boundaries from the first class, and express displeasure through body language rather than yelling which they won’t understand anyways.

As you develop your skills on the job as a teacher you will become more attuned and connected with your students. A natural form of push pull will develop which will allow your kids to learn while still having fun and make your day run a lot smoother.

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