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Typical Day

A typical day in China for an ESL teacher can vary as widely as the schools they may be teaching at. Typical days are determined not only by the type of school you are placed at but also by the number of teaching hours, age of students, and the policies of the school. ESL teachers should above all be passionate about fulfilling their job duties and in instructing pupils to adopt the language you bring to them.


Often an ESL teacher will arrive to the school about 1 hour before the first class to prepare for the courses that day. They will be expected to teach about 6 hours in a day and leave either in the afternoon or late evening depending on the school. The starting time is also proportionately determined by this. Weekend time will be determined by the contract you are offered. Sometimes Saturday courses will be required by the school but the increased hours will be offset by an easier week load.


As for entertainment the limits are to your imagination. With all the major entertainment options that the west has to offer along with some unique eastern cultural gems, an ESL teacher will find life outside of the classroom to be comfortable and memorable. ESL teachers will from the onset be offered a typical day outline which you can plan your life around.


It is best to remember that with the initial culture shock you will experience when arriving in China, the more ordered and organized your day is, typically the better you will cope.  

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