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Grooming in China

While at first glance when arriving in China, you may find some things that are drastically different then what you are used to at home. Grooming and organization may seem to carry less importance then other areas of Asia. You should keep in mind that with the Olympics, a great training program was undertook to make the Chinese more worldly. Spitting in the streets, which is a common complaint, was strongly discouraged. In addition etiquette in regards to lines was introduced.
These trends seem to have taken hold, and people are a bit more conscience of their own individual behaviors. Organization in school seems to be much in line with the rest of Asia with punctuality and neatness encouraged. China is a hypercompetitive society, where to fall behind can carry grave implications for a family, especially under the 1 family/1 child act.
You should strive to keep your workplace and home as neat as possible to both give a good impression to your friends and coworkers, but also to set an example for students that may be bound for US universities one day. Chinese people place a great deal of emphasis on the natural habits of their teachers so be mindful of the fact that in addition to your students, their parents are watching you as well. 

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